Cheap Insurance For Young Drivers

As soon as you pass your test you're keen to buy your first car and get out on the open road. For many young people passing their driving test gives new found freedom. No longer do you need to rely on family or friends to give lifts. Tearing up those L plates is always something to celebrate!

Unfortunately, because you're a young and inexperienced driver, the cost of insurance can sometimes be prohibitive when it comes to finally getting out on the road.

What can help get cheap insurance for young drivers?

Choice of car

When deciding on your first car, it may be pretty obvious but young drivers need to stay away from powerful sports cars and choose something more 'sensible'. It's important as a young driver you do plenty of research on what's available on the market (both new and used cars) when selecting a car that won't have prohibitive insurance costs.

To check the cost of insurance on any car you select, you can get a quote using our online car insurance comparison form. It makes sense to do this before you decide on your dream car or you may find the car you buy could be too expensive to insure. Another good indicator of a cars insurance cost is its Insurance Group score, although this isn't the only thing insurance companies take into account when giving a quote for car insurance.

Policy excess

You can often organise a cheaper initial policy price if you agree to pay a higher 'excess' when taking out your insurance policy.

Choice of policy

As well as traditional car insurance policies, there are now 'Telematics Insurance' policies available, and these can be great for young drivers.

With an app installed on your phone, or a little black box installed in your car, car insurance companies can monitor your driving and reward drivers they consider safe.

You can get a Telematics quote alongside our traditional car insurance quote using our online car insurance comparison tool.

Another option is temporary car insurance, or short term car insurance. These types of policy let you insure a vehicle for a certain amount of days. You can insure yourself on someone else's car (the car must also be insured by the owner). This lets you drive the car, and should you have an accident, the vehicles owner will not lose their No Claims Bonus. Get a temporary car insurance quote online and compare the costs to a yearly policy.

Finding cheap insurance for young drivers may be difficult, but if you follow these tips you may be able to reduce the cost of your car insurance.

Recent figures from the ABI (Source) show that one in five young drivers will be involved in an accident within six months of passing their driving test. Once you get out on the road, remember everything you learned in your driving lessons and above all drive safely and follow the rules of the road.

To see some of the cheapest cars available for younger people please check out our Top Cars for Students article.

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