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Telematics Explained

Also known as BlackBox insurance, telematics offer personalised insurance based on how you drive.

Telematics is great for anyone who wants to take control of their insurance costs. Either a black box or a mobile phone app records your driving habits and you are rewarded as a good driver.

Telematics Explained

Also known as BlackBox insurance, telematics offer personalised insurance based on how you drive.

Telematics is great for anyone who wants to take control of their insurance costs. Either a black box or a mobile phone app records your driving habits and you are rewarded as a good driver.

What is Telematics?

Telematics based insurance policies are set to revolutionise the way motor insurance is priced in the UK market and internationally.

SoteriaDrive uses Telematics devices in vehicles to monitor the customer’s driving to ensure that the customers are rated on their own driving behaviour and not others.

Responsible, safe driving is rewarded by offering lower premiums to reflect that you represent less risk to your insurer.

One Call Insurance has teamed up with Wunelli Limited to make use of SoteriaDrive, to allow us to offer you all the benefits of a Telematics policy.

Will it save me money?

Are you a better than average driver? If so, then it's probably worthwhile having a Telematics device installed.

Insurance rating factors are based on market trends, which may mean you are paying a higher premium than you should based on other peoples driving history. Telematics ensure you pay a premium based on YOUR driving habits, no-one else’s.

If you then drive within the parameters set out by your insurer, there's a good chance you could save money.

Even if you are not a "good driver" to begin with, the analysis and updates of your driving habits can improve your driving ability allowing your premiums to fall.

There are no guarantees. If you aren't considered to be a “good driver”, and don't learn from the analysis, then a standard insurance policy may be a cheaper option for you.

What if I go over the speed limit? Will the police be called?

No, the police will not be called. We will only pass on evidence of your driving behaviour to the authorities if we are required to do so by law. Please be aware that unacceptable driving behaviour, such as regular speeding or extreme speed events may result in policy cancellation or an increase in premium.

Am I being spied on?

In a way this is the case, but nothing is being monitored that you won’t be told about. You agree to be monitored, and a potential reduction in your premiums is the reward.

You might even find the monitoring genuinely useful or life-saving in fact, thanks to the safety benefits of some devices.

How does my driving get scored?

SoteriaDrive centres on the policyholders either having a hard-wired device installed in to their car, or downloading a smartphone app onto their smartphone, enabling the secure transmission of journey data. With the SoteriaDrive solution, Wunelli will analyse and collect all of this data, using safe driving parameters converting it into a driving score of between 0 –100. 100 would be classed as an excellent score, 0 would be classed as an exceptionally poor score. The insurance companies then take this driving score and use as a rating item to adjust the policyholder’s premium. The Wunelli safe driving parameters have been tested and proven over 800 million miles of telematics data. SoteriaDrive parameters are based on:

  • Time of day – driving between 11pm and 5am
  • Speed of driving – driving within the speed limit for the road that is being driven on
  • Smoothness of driving – absence of hard braking events
  • Confidence – absence of low level acceleration
  • Familiarity – driving on roads that are considered familiar to the driver
  • Road usage – using road surfaces of 40mph or greater
  • Reckless events – reckless speeding

Are there any benefits if I have an accident?

If in the event you have an accident and would like someone to call you about what to do next, there is an incident alert on the SoteriaDrive app you can fill out, and a ‘call now’ button to speak to someone at the time of the incident.

You can record 3 pictures of the accident via the app which will make confirming who was at fault simpler, and if you are on an Android phone and get a call back, your insurer will be able to see your location, which will make sending recovery vehicles to you much easier.

When do I need to use the App?

The App must be used at all times whilst driving, from start to to the end of the journey. The app does have an autostart option which makes this process easier.

Am I limited to a set amount of miles a year?

Whilst this is not a fixed mileage product, we would encourage you to be as accurate as possible when estimating the amount of miles you expect to drive. We reserve the right to charge an additional premium if you exceed your declared mileage.

Will I get fined for driving at night?

We will not issue a fine for any night you drive between 11pm and 5am.

While driving between the hours of 11pm and 5am can adversely affect your Driving Score which may increase your premium, there are no fines for doing this. This means if you were to drive your vehicle at night on only rare occasions, it would likely have very little affect on your score, but consistently doing so may see an increase in your premium.

Who are Wunelli Limited?

Wunelli Limited are a data services company dedicated to enabling the industry to create usage-based insurance products. One Call Insurance have teamed up with Wunelli to provide you all the benefits of a Telematics policy. The SoteriaDrive app and the hard-wired box you may receive are produced and administered by Wunelli Limited, and if you take a Telematics policy with us, Wunelli will provide you updates of your driving score via email. You can find out more about Wunelli Limited at

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