Renewing your insurance policy with us is easy

  • Notice - You will receive your renewal notice 21 days before your renewal date.
  • Price - Your renewal price will be based on information you have previously provided and we will highlight the benefits of the policy we think is right for you.
  • Payment - If you are happy with the cover we are suggesting, you can pay quickly and securely online. If you paid for your current policy by Direct Debit or credit card, we may automatically renew your policy. Your renewal notice will confirm if your policy will be automatically renewed.

How to Accept your Renewal online (Paying in Full)

  • Go to the Make a Payment page
  • Fill in your details including your Customer reference number. We also ask for your Date of Birth and post code to verify your identity.
  • In the payment details section please choose ’This payment is for’ Renewal Acceptance
  • Pay the correct amount which is shown on your renewal notice.

More information about your renewal and when payment will be taken

We will send out your new renewal terms via post at least 21 days before renewal for all policies. We hold the right to refuse renewal terms where we are unable to offer a quote with our insurer panel, provided we send you notice 21 days prior to your renewal date, allowing you time to find an alternative insurer.

The price we offer on your renewal notice will be based on the information you provided us with previously. If your circumstances or any other information has changed relating to your insurance during the last year, you must advise us before your policy is renewed. If you fail to inform us of any changes, your policy may become invalidated. This may result in any claim you wish to make on your policy also becoming invalidated. If you are in doubt about whether something is relevant, you should ask us. The renewal cost will also include our renewal arrangement fee (please see ‘Our Charges’ on page 11 for more details).

We will invite all policies on a comprehensive basis with the same level of cover received on last year's policy and any associated services such as breakdown, legal or home emergency will be included free of charge at the basic level of service available. This offer can be withdrawn at any time. If you require an upgrade on your cover or associated services, an additional charge will be incurred.

In order to try and get you a competitive renewal price, we will instruct some of our insurers to carry out a check on your credit records. This does not cost you anything, and the information that they access could be obtained from a number of different publicly available sources, such as credit reference agencies, who may keep a record of the search. This is beneficial to you because some insurers will be able to offer you a significant discount on your premium because the check provides another way in which they can confirm your identity, thus protecting both parties from fraud or money laundering. Regardless of the result of the check, it will never result in your premium increasing. If you do not want us to instruct our insurers to check your credit records, then you must notify us in writing at least 30 days before your renewal date. Please mark your envelope ’Credit Check’.

Where possible we intend to automatically renew your insurance policy where we hold valid payment details. Please see below for specific details. However, if at any point you wish to opt out of having your policy automatically renewed, please contact us at least five days before your renewal date on 01302 554013.

Renewing by Direct Debit

If you pay for your insurance via Direct Debit, for your convenience we will automatically renew your policy and issue confirmation via email, along with your new insurance documents, approximately 1 week before your renewal date. Your Direct Debit collections will continue on or up to six days after your renewal date.

Renewing by payment in full or credit/debit card

If you paid in full by credit/debit card and where we hold valid details, for your convenience and protection we will debit the account from which you paid for the original policy with the full amount of your renewal premium up to five days before your renewal date. If we are unable to take a payment in full, we will notify you by post, and the policy will not be renewed until we receive payment. Where we have taken payment for your renewal and you contact us before the renewal date to decline the renewal, we will arrange an immediate refund for the amount debited.

If we do not hold valid Direct Debit or credit/debit card details, we will not automatically renew your policy - you will need to contact us to renew the policy prior to the renewal date. You can do this by calling our Renewals team on 01302 554 013 or making a payment online by visiting the Make a Payment.

Where we intend to automatically renew your policy, we will inform you on your renewal invitation at least 21 days before your renewal date. If you choose to buy your renewal online, please note that the £30.00 renewal fee is not included in the online price but that this fee is still payable.

If you have opted against your policy documents being emailed, a £8.99 charge will apply for posted documents.

How to decline an automatic renewal

Please note that failure to inform us that you do not want us to automatically renew your policy before the renewal date will result in a charge of £35.99 in addition to any time on risk charge made by your insurers. If you wish to decline an automatic renewal please contact our renewals team by sending a written notice to our head office, via telephone on 01302 554 013 or by completing this ONLINE FORM.

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