DIY Disasters

DIY Disasters - Top Accidents Caused By DIY Mishaps!

Summer is almost here, and it's probably the most popular time for home owners to get the decorating bug. From putting up a picture to a total room revamp, there's plenty you can do to freshen up your rooms. Unfotunately, it can often end in disaster! Every year, thousands of people end up in Accident and Emergency rooms due to their DIY mishaps. Here we tell you how they got there...


Each year it’s estimated a staggering 220,000 accidents are reported to hospitals because of home DIY. Every day, our accident and emergency departments see a variety of cases. From minor things likes a bump or scratch to major cases such as loss of limbs or death. One thing’s for sure and that’s the percentage of accidents is shockingly high.

Unofficially it is said that the May bank holiday is the start of the DIY season. People get out their paint brushes and ladders and attempt to bring new life to their homes.

Last year there was a major popularity increase in power tool’s resulting in a reported 87,000 estimated injuries!

Taking first place in the accident stakes (no pun intended!) are knifes and scalpels, which result in 21,300 estimated injuries a year.

In second place are saws, resulting in 15,100 injures.

You may also find it surprising that grinders (6,400 injuries) came third, causing more injuries than hammers (3,900 injuries), followed by chisels (3,900 injuries).

Following closely are screwdrivers (3,400 injuries), power drills (3,000 injuries) and finally to finish off at number eight comes axes (2,000 injuries).

Remember that some DIY jobs, such as assembling new patio furniture or putting up a shelf may require two people. Struggling to do things on your own can result in injury, it’s much better to get your partner or give a friend a call and ask for a bit of help.

Perhaps more importantly, remember to follow any instructions when using power tools and check them thoroughly (unplug first!) to check for any potential faults. If you’re in any doubt, take it somewhere to get it checked out or repaired.

We hope you take extra care this year if you’re attempting to make some home improvements!


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