Storm and Flood Advice

Storm and Flood Advice

Bad weather has been forecasted, what do you do?

At One Call we feel all our customers should feel safe whenever possible especially when it comes to their home life. Here are some useful tips and hints that could help you to prevent storm and flood damage to your home.

Like the scouts famous motto ‘’be prepared’’ We have come up with some simple advice that could protect your home in bad weather.

Securing the unsecured

Make sure any unsecured items are stored inside like furniture in the garden or hanging baskets. So you can protect yourself against damage in high winds.


Emergency contact list

Make sure that you have a list of emergency contact numbers stored in a safe place, preferably in a waterproof wallet. Useful number s include your local authority, utility and insurance companies.

Emergency contact list

Emergency Kits for your home and car

This is a simple idea but can reduce a lot on problems in the long run. By having an emergency kit to hand, it will mean your better prepared for those times in need.

Emergency Home Kit (For a potential flood)

Warm Clothing / Blankets / Boots / First Aid Kit / Prescribed Medication / Refuse Sacks / Food e.g. Tins including a tin opener / Camera / Batteries / Torch / And most importantly our claims helpline number 0203 738 7300.

Emergency Car Kit (For a potential Breakdown on long journeys)

First Aid Kit / Car phone charger adapter / UK Map / Warm Clothing / Blankets / Boots / Prescribed Medication / Food / Flasks containing e.g. Coffee, Tea or Soup / Water / Camera / Batteries / Torch / And most importantly our 24hour breakdown helpline number 0203 108 0444.

Emergency Kits for your home and car

What should you do if a flood strikes?

DO – Call us as soon as you can get to a phone. We’ll give you the best advice we can, so you can proceed to the next step in your claim. Make a record of all damages using a camera.

DON’T – Throw away anything, if you do then ensure they are catalogued using a camera. Please make sure all gas and electricity is given the all clear by a qualified engineer before use.

What should you do if a flood strikes

Are you in risk of flooding?

You can check by clicking HERE!

The environment agency set up by the government, has a useful map setup on their website that allows a user to check the whole of the UK for flood risk areas.

We find this an amazing tool especially when it comes to buying a house. It’s always good to know the area you’re moving to.

Another major benefit is the map also displays areas that are covered by flood defences.

Are you in risk of flooding?

Protect your house before a flood

Your local council can keep a limited stock of sandbags that are free of charge in the event of a flood. If you have been made aware that a flood may be forecasted, then you can contact your local council to see if they have any reserved.

As stocks are generally limited to a first come first served basis, if sandbags cannot be supplied then contacting your local builders merchant would be a good step to take.

Protect your house before a flood

Our home insurance benefits include:

Free home emergency service

*Free contents accidental damage

*Free buildings accidental damage

New for old

Legal Services

Cover away from home (including worldwide)

24 Hour claims service

UK call centres

*Dependant on cover

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