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Driving in France

Driving in France

With approximately the same amount of people as the UK but spread over twice the space, you should find the roads of France a relatively relaxing place compared to UK roads.

If you want to drive on French roads you’ll need a licence from a EU or EEA country (such as the UK!).

It’s always a good idea when driving on foreign roads that you take your documents with you.  If driving in France you’ll want to take the following documents:

  • Driving License (with counterpart if applicable)
  • Proof of insurance
  • Proof of ID (Passport)
  • Proof of ownership (V5)

Whilst driving in France you may also need the following:

  • Reflective jacket
  • Warning triangle
  • Headlamp deflectors
  • Breathalysers

You can purchase packs that contain the above items from as little as £17 on sites such as amazon: DRIVING KIT


driving kit

Breathalyser Update

There still appears to be some debate about the need to carry breathalysers when driving in France.  The enforcement of the law making it compulsory to carry breathalysers has been postponed (as of May 2015).  The law is still in place but the French authorities have recognised issues with the supply of suitable breathalysers  and will not issues fines until further notice.  Whilst there is still this confusion we would still recommend taking some breathalysers with you.

Safety camera/radar speed devices

It is illegal to use safety camera or radar speed devices when driving in France.  If your GPS (such as Tom Tom) has a similar function it could be best to turn this off.