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Futuristic Technology for vehicles by 2020

Artificial intelligence in cars (AI)

Artificial intelligence may be slowly making its way into our vehicles. Manufacturers such as Ford, Nissan and also BMW have collaborated with Mircosoft and Amazon, to look into getting AI such as; Cortana and Alexa into their future models.

What does this mean? – These digital assistants would allow for your vehicle to be connected to your smartphone and other gadgets, having AI with you on your travels.


Increase in car sharing

Owning your own vehicle is at the top of most motorist ambitions lists. Once you’ve passed your driving test it’s the logical next step right? Having your own vehicle brings you independence, and brings a world of opportunity.

Reports suggest that by the year 2020 this could all change! With car-share applications on your smartphones making an appearance, people will seemingly be using this to get around, by simply booking them a ride.

Still… those of us, who would still enjoy an old fashioned drive of our vehicle, won’t be hitching a ride with these apps anytime soon. It’s clear that times will change in the near future but we won’t see human drivers making a complete disappearance from our roads.


More electric and hybrid cars

Due to increasing emissions in urban areas, car manufacturers are putting high importance on investing in sustainable technologies. Those drivers who are wanting to reduce their carbon footprint, plug-in hybrids already becoming a popular option in the past few years.

With ever evolving technologies and lower running costs, people predict that we can be expecting to see more battery-powered cars, than regular fuel vehicles on the road by 2020.

 box car

Driverless cars?

It goes without saying, driverless (or autonomous) cars have been a well spoken about topic for some time now. Driverless cars are becoming a reality, as we are on the verge of seeing these vehicles in regular use on our roads!

In the past year, a two-seater vehicle; the LUTZ Pathfinder became the first autonomous car to be driven in Britain. The car travelled 1.2 miles in Milton Keynes. While this is a first for Britain, these cars have already been getting tested on public roads in America.

Reports that Nissan will start their own, testing programme in London for driverless cars have surfaced. Which will be the first of its kind in Europe.

Possibly we’ll even see driverless cars that will pick us up and drop us off on a regular basis, to any destination. Well it seems that with fewer people owning cars in the future, congestion in cities could decrease and air quality could improve. 


Flying Cars!

Think ‘Back to the Future’ the film predicted that we would have flying cars by the year 2015, which was not accurate as this is still not a reality. However, this prediction could be true, as Airbus has invested in the development of actual flying cars!

Airbus has been looking into this due to increased levels of congestion in cities, they claim that these flying cars, which would also be driverless could be ready by the end of this year. Even through ‘Back to the Future’ were wrong about the date of the flying cars, it could not be entirely wrong about having them at all.

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