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Do you know about the French Emission Fines?

French cities are looking to improve air quality by introducing the Crit’Air Sticker, and as more French cities hop on board, the RAC has uncovered that over a third of motorists heading over the channel are not familiar with the new regulations or the fines that are involved.

Road users can find themselves facing a £123 (€133.69) penalty for not properly understanding and following the Crit’Air regulations that are in place in Paris, Grenoble and Lyon, the city of Lille, as well as 11 other districts.

Certain vehicles such as petrol cars registered pre-1996, diesel cars registered pre-2001 and Euro 2 Diesel Cars Registered before January 1st, 2001 will be restricted during the hours of 8 am – 8 pm Monday to Friday.

In urban areas, drivers need to be aware that some vehicles are banned altogether and, so it’s imperative that drivers know what to expect before heading to the continent.

The Crit’Air Vignette will cost only £4.40 and should be placed on the windscreen showing the vehicle’s green credentials, based on its Euro emissions category (Euro 1 to Euro 6).

Clean cars will be able to display the green sticker showing their vehicle if economical and cars that pollute air severely will show a grey label.

It is then up to the city or town involved how they wish to impose restrictions on access, and at which times, as they bid to improve local air quality. Any vehicles that don’t qualify for a sticker also face restrictions.

French reports claim that over 50,000 UK drivers have applied, but only time will tell how effective the scheme is.

One Call Insurance recommend those traveling to France visit the Crit’Air website and use the English option to purchase the Vignette in preparation for your holiday.

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