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10 Key Products for Caravanning…

Looking to start caravanning? We’ve put together key products you need to buy when looking to start caravanning or if you’re trying to enhance your caravan trips.

1) Caravan Steps

With your caravan been inches off the ground you may slowly begin to get bored of jumping up and down to get in it. We’d recommend you purchase some caravan steps; some caravans come with electric steps that lower via a remote but you can find a pair of sturdy steps online for £20-40.

2) Caravan Toilet Chemicals

A must for your caravan’s toilet. You can choose from many manufacturers, but you’re specifically looking for Pink & Blue liquid.

3) Water and Waste Containers

You must have seen seasoned caravanners using their roller containers to carry water, our experts would recommend buying two, one for waste water and one for fresh water.

4) First Aid Kit

  These should be carried in every vehicle you own. A first aid kit is handy for many situations especially when you’re camping with kids, make sure to replace any items you’ve used as you never know when you may need them.

5) Basic Toolkit

A rubber mallet will become your best friend when camping, adding a wrench, crowbar and, screwdriver will set you up for some happy camping.

6) Caravan Leisure Battery

A Caravan Leisure Battery allows you stay charged and with prices starting from around £60 it’s a must.

7) Fire Extinguisher

Purchasing a fire extinguisher is essential for your travels. We’d recommend storing a 1kg dry power extinguisher with fire blanket secured in a cupboard. You will also want to purchase a fire bucket (red) as The Caravan and Camping Club have advised members for many years to put a fire bucket containing water at the front of your van during campaign meets.

8) Caravan Awning

An awning is fitted to the side of the caravan and can be used as an additional living area which is fully protected from the outside elements something which a canopy or porch doesn’t offer. Awnings can be expensive (think £300+) they’re worth it to gain additional space when camping, especially for longer periods.

9) Coolbox

Travelling in the summer? Consider a good coolbox. Looking at a more expensive battery charged box may be a wise investment.

10) Bedding or Sleeping Bags

You need to decide between Duvets or Sleeping Bags – what are you going to go for? Whichever you decide on, try to avoid using them outside for star gazing or other outdoor camping activities.


Once you’ve got these accessories ready and your caravan packed you can begin to look at Caravan Insurance; you can read more here.