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Traveling for sport; the best places to watch the worlds most popular sporting events!

The football is back on the television and thousands of people are glued to their televisions across the world. Watching your favourite sports in the comfort of your own home can be cosy and enjoyable, but there’s nothing quite like the atmosphere of hundreds of passionate sports fans championing their favourite teams.

Sport: Rugby Where: New Zealand (Nation)
New Zealand is the land of rugby, and you’ll struggle to find fans more passionates than the kiwis, so prepare yourself for some fantastic rugby action and, traditional dances. You can view New Zealand rugby fixtures here.

Sport: Formula One Where: Japan (Suzuka)
Japan is full of culture and foodies, gamers and Formula One fans will love the atmosphere. Suzuka is popular for its demanding and fast paced circuit, and you don’t have to look far to read about some of the most dramatic and memorable moments in Formula One history most of which were witnessed at the Suzuka circuit.

Sport: Golf Where: USA (Augusta National Golf Club)
The USA is well known for their beautiful courses, superb weather and superstar golfers. The Augusta National Golf Club is the home of The Masters and one of the most famous golf clubs in the world, with memberships ranging from $10,000 – $30,000 per annum on an invite-only basis. Although you may not get an opportunity to play on the course, you can enjoy the beauty of the masters if you decide to travel in April.

Sport: Ice Hockey Where: Canada (Montreal)
Ice Hockey is the national sport of Canada, and therefore you can be sure that the atmosphere, the fans and the sheer ability of the players will be exceptional. You can view the NHL schedule here, but we’d recommend visiting Montreal to witness the Montreal Canadiens – one of the oldest ice hockey teams in Canada.

Sport: Football Where: England
Football is the backbone of English sports culture. If you want to watch the games on the big screen, many of the major cities and towns in England have pubs full of passionate supporters. If you want to watch Football live why don’t you make the travel down to London or Manchester to watch some of England’s finest clubs take to the field?

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