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Firefly Cancer Awareness & Support are a registered Charity that is based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. The charity was founded by a remarkable lady Denise Dunn, who sadly passed away in 2014 after suffering with cancer for the majority of her adult life.

Doncaster is a relatively small town and the hospital doesn't have a specialist cancer unit, the closet hospital for cancer treatment in South Yorkshire is the Western Park Hospital in Sheffield, this is not a long journey but for someone who has just undergone Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and various other invasive treatments it can be an uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing journey if they have to use public transport.

Cancer patients will need to visit the units sometimes every day for ongoing treatment and will be reliant on friends and family to take them to the hospital, this can on occasion cause difficulties if the trip is needed daily. Relying on loved ones to take them for their care; which is not always easy especially for those that work full time. Also the hospital is based within a very popular student suburb of Sheffield and it is extremely difficult to park near or outside the hospital.

Denise or DeeDee to her friends struggled with this and as time went on decided that SHE needed to make a difference. Working full time, studying at University for a Midwifery and Nursing qualification, raising 5 young children and suffering with cancer she set to work to try and create a service that could alleviate the hassle and pain of getting to the hospital.

DeeDees dream was to help the local people of Doncaster get to and from the hospital cancer units with as little stress and trauma as possible and without relying too heavily on their families. She created the Firefly Express, a free, comfortable taxi service that would take them door to door. She knew that this dream needed the funding behind it; otherwise it would stay just that - a dream! She spoke to local businesses and funding facilities to see if they would help her fulfil this aspiration to support the local community with this unique and selfless service.

Their Mission

To provide funding to maintain the Firefly Express a vehicle for a free shuttle transport service for patients undergoing cancer treatments at regional cancer centres. This superb vehicle has been donated by Fil Adams Mercer through Channel 4 Secret Millionaire. This will ease the psychological, physical and financial stress faced by patients and their families.

Man vs. Food

Man vs. Food was one of the best successes we've had at One Call. The challenge was to eat the Gigantasaurus Burger!!! Which consisted of two Beef Burgers, two Chicken Burgers, one Veggie Burger, two fried Eggs and three giant Onion Rings, all squished between a bread bun with a portion of chips on the side.... oh! And no sauce!!

It was a very difficult challenge for most, but the winner from our Customer Services Department managed to eat the Gigantasaurus burger in less than 12 minutes! The money raised at this event was a staggering £967.40!

Man Vs Food

Flog it for Firefly!

Our Audit department at One Call came up with the idea If you don't use it, you don't need it!, And managed to raise over £130!! By hosting their own Car Boot at the Keepmoat Stadium Doncaster.

Flog It

Win a day off!

Winning a day off, sounds like it can't be true? Here at One Call our Directors came up with an incredibly simple idea, but a fantastic one. Give three employees selected at random any day off they wanted, no matter what! We managed to raise over £350!!

Day Off

Onesie Wednesday

Even though this event was new for 2013, Onesie Wednesday has been very successful. They don't come often but when they do all staff at One Call enjoy the day. Simply donate to Firefly, dress up in a onesie and come into work.

Onesie Wednesday

Sponsored Run

Our Sponsored run was a huge success. Employees of One Call had to either walk or run up to three laps (4.5miles in total) around Doncaster's Lakeside. We raised over £5,500 which was fantastic.

Sponsored Run


Each year on Halloween, we get our entire work force to show us their scariest costumes. It's a great laugh throughout the day with different challenges and tasks set for our staff. All proceeds raised on the day were donated to Firefly.


Bike Race

Three bikes, one Room, plus employees of One Call, equal success. The mile target of the bike race was set to 840miles, the distance between John o' Groats in the Highlands to Land's End in Cornwall, the furthest points in the UK from top to bottom. Taking turns employees would bike a set number of miles over a two day period. In the end employees managed to bike an astonishing 1303miles in total, and raised over £6,000.

Bike Race

New Express Vehicle

We managed to raise enough money for Firefly to purchase an express vehicle for their shuttle transport service, for patients undergoing cancer treatments at regional cancer centres.

We were honoured to give such a priceless gift to the charity and their patients.

NEw Express Vehicle

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