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Winter Sports Insurance

Winter sports holidays are more popular than ever, but you need to make sure you have the right travel insurance if you're planning on a winter sports holiday.

Prepare for your holiday the right way

Taking to the slopes can be exciting, but you want to know you have the right Winter Sports Insurance Cover before putting on your skis.

In addition to standard policy benefits, Winter Sports Insurance gives extra benefits for other activities.

When you're out there, take care and obey any rules on the piste, don't put yourself or others at unnecessary risk. We have a few simple pointers for you:

  • Dress for the weather

    This is an obvious one, but it'll be cold! It's well worth investing in some clothes designed for use in the snow. Wearing several layers will also keep you warmer than one big layer (so wear a base layer, t shirt, jumper and coat rather than just a thick jumper and coat).

  • Protection from the sun

    The sun reflects of snow and you could suffer from sunburn if you don't cover up.

  • Ski Glasses

    Wearing ski goggles or glasses will protect your eyes from snow, debris and also the sun. It's important you choose eyewear designed for the job, if you fall everyday glasses can often shatter. Ski goggles or glasses are designed from materials that will ensure your eyes stay safe no matter what happens.

  • Be sensible

    You've probably watched videos of people out on the snow doing awesome tricks. Try to remember they have had a lot of practice, and you could hurt yourself if you try to mimic some of your favourite stunts. Stick to the courses you feel comfortable on, get extra lessons if you feel you need them, and listen to your instructor or guide at all times.

  • Make sure friends and family know where you are

    Always try to go out on the piste in a group. If anything happens some of the group can stay with anyone who is injured whilst others go and fetch help. It also means you won't get lost!

Enjoy your holiday

One Call Insurance hope you have a great Winter Sports Holiday, all you need to do now is start comparing Winter Sports Insurance quotes!

Leaving your home
Leaving your home
Leaving your home

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Travel Insurance benefits include:

Family Cover

Annual Cover with Unlimited Trips

Cancellation Cover

Emergency Medical Expenses

Emergency Dental Treatment

Hospital Benefits

24 Hour Medical Emergency Service

Personal Accident Cover up to £50,000

Personal Liability Cover up to £2,000,000

Delayed Baggage

Travel Delay

Holiday Abandonment

Missed Departure

Legal Expenses

Optional Cruise Cover

Optional Airline Failure/End Supplier Failure

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