Eco Van Driving

Cheap Van Insurance is the first step to getting your commercial vehicle on the road

Do you spend a lot of time on the road? If so then just by making some simple changes to the way you drive could save you money and help the environment too, by becoming a environmentally friendly van driver.

From following the tips below could reduce fuel consumption and maintenance on your Van. Meaning in the long run your costs will lower and your savings will grow, you’re also making the environment a better place to live.

Sounds like hard work? It’s actuary really simple to do. Below are some simple changes to set you off in the right direction.


If you drive while stressed you are more than likely to drive more erratically and use more fuel. Not to mention that you are a higher risk to yourself and other motorists on the road.

Checking tyre tread


Try and only use electrical devices like a Sat Nav or ones that are needed on your journey sparingly. If an electrical device needs a charge they will drink your vans fuel like juice. If you have a passenger with you on a short journey they could direct you by using a road map and therefore help you save on fuel costs.


Correct Gear

Make sure you’re driving in the correct gear for your speed, many people tend to select too high for what the travelling speed is. By doing this you could save money on fuel costs. You will also find your journey becomes smoother and less tense.

Correct Gear


Try not to pack too much in your van that is not necessary. The more excess weight in the van the more this will affect your fuel consumption. This is also help your tyre treads to last a little longer.


Traffic Jams

Traffic jams are never fun, but if you have become stationary for more than a minute on the road, turn your engine off rather than keeping it on. If you ever find yourself stationary for a long time, we know it can be stressful that’s why we recommend an emergency travel pack. This could include tinned food, flasks toped up with tea or coffee, blankets and anything you feel necessary, to make your journey a little more comfortable.

Traffic Jams


Keeping your van in tip top shape will not only improve your vans performance but keep fuel consumption down and future damage costs. Try creating a monthly routine where you check your vans tyre pressure, tyre treads, engine and fluid levels like oil, water and coolant. It's also good to find the correct van insurance for you, that's why we compare many insurance companies to find the best one for you.


Natural Air is Free

We all know summer time can become extremely hot but we recommend using your vans air conditioning sparingly. It might seem like a quicker alternative to opening your windows but Air conditioning eats fuel.

Natural Air


Avoid revving your engine at roundabouts and junctions. Not only will this damage your engine but it will also use more fuel consumption. Did you know our van insurance comes with free breakdown membership? If you ever find yourself stuck in the mud this is a fantastic benefit to have.

Car Head Lights

By following these tips in your daily driving routine you could save an incredible amount of money and you didn’t even have to lift a finger. Why not see how much you could save on your van insurance too by getting a quote from us today.

Our van insurance benefits include:

Flexible deposit and payments

FREE Breakdown Membership

Protected No Claims Discount

Motor Legal Service

24 Hour claims service

UK call centres

Courtesy Vehicle

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