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Finding the right van

Struggling to find the right van?

Whether you’re starting your own business or in need of a van for work, sometimes it can be a struggle to find the right van to meet your needs. We have some simple tips and advice to help you choose the best van for you.

The right design and functionality means you won’t be let down on important jobs and can make your business much more efficient and effective.

What should you be looking out for?

Some of the most important questions you will ask yourself are:

  • What sort of distances will you be driving?
  • Are there any vehicle restrictions on the roads you intend to drive?
  • What do you plan on carrying?
  • Will you be carrying any specialist tools or equipment? Think about the size and weight of a typical load you might carry.

  • How will the load be accessed? Will you need left and right sliding doors or a tail lift?
  • Does the load require a temperature controlled environment?
  • Do you need to add any additional security on the van?
  • How many passengers will you carry? Will the van also be your main vehicle at weekends?
  • Will you need to display advertisement or graphics on the vans exterior?

Vans can be used for many purposes but can usually be placed into one of four main categories of use

  • Single-service function: this applies if your van is needed simply to move equipment and/or staff. This could apply to tradesmen such as builders. The van will also be able to carry the equipment. Manoeuvrability is not so crucial with this van type.
  • Multiple-service function: this van has to transport staff and equipment like single-service function, but to a number of jobs or destinations within a single day, which could apply to electricians or plumbers.
  • Intra-urban delivery: If you’re delivering more to industrial estates or retail parks rather than shops or restaurants, you may need a larger van, so you can load large amounts and manoeuvrability is not so crucial with this van.
  • Urban delivery: this means you’ll need a van which can negotiate heavy traffic and narrow streets. The van will be relatively accessible, with the ability to load and unload quickly and may have sliding doors on both sides.

Make your choice

Once you have worked out your needs, what makes and models should you be looking for?



Are better suited for larger deliveries or contractors such as electricians who need to carry a variety of equipment for multiple jobs. Some of the most popular panel vans include the Mercedes Sprinter or Ford Transit.


Car-derived vans

Are better suited for smaller deliveries or contractors with smaller amounts of equipment. Popular van versions of this type could be the Ford Fiesta or Renault Clio.



Are better suited for larger but not especially heavy loads. These vans are perfect for driving in busier traffic and town centres. These vans would be ideal for fresh-food deliveries or florists. Popular vans of this type could be the Suzuki Carry.


Light vans

Are suitable for smaller operations like the car-derived van. However is lighter on fuel consumption. A popular light van could be the Ford Transit Connect.


Chassis vans

These vans can be built to your own specifications if the size or requirements don’t meet any of the categories above. Citroen and Ford both offer this service.

Although these categories have only lightly touched upon what van types are out there, they have been designed to show you some of the possibilities available to you.


Van advertising is a great way to help promote you and your business. It will help promote you as a brand and customers may feel more confident in your services than if you turned up in a plain white van. The key is to get the correct design. Try to keep it simple, the most important information is the company name, logo and number. Your van can potentially be covered in design but this could lower the van's value when reselling. You may want to consider a wrap, which could be removed when you come to sell or part exchange the van, or magnetic signs, which can be placed on the vehicle as and when you need them.


Have you found your perfect van? The next thing you need to do is sort out insurance. This is where One Call Insurance can help. We offer competitive low van insurance and our benefits include motor legal service, FREE breakdown membership and much, much more.

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